Newborn Session with baby Sophie | Jenna Marshall Photography | Hertfordshire

I love all the newborn photography sessions I do here in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Whether it be a baby girl with lots of flowers, a baby boy wrapped up in a clean white wrap, a content baby that sleeps throughout their whole session and even the babies who refuse to sleep at all. All of them help change up my work and challenge me in different ways. I love how a fussy baby keeps me on my toes and gives me the need to constantly adapt my session plan to suit. I also love when babies just sleep giving me an early day. 

Sophie was an easy baby. She slept pretty much her whole session and posed so beautifully. We had completed the full session within 1.5hours! This is rare! She had the most amazing hair and gorgeous full pout. I loved that mum asked for purple to be used in her session. We also managed to capture a couple cheeky smiles too 🙂 Here are my 10 favourites from Sophie’s session.

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Motherhood Unfiltered Photographer Collaboration | Jenna Marshall Photography

Motherhood Unfiltered

For the past 4 years I have been mostly photographing newborn babies in my home studio based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these sessions. Cuddling up squishy newborns and photographing every little thing about them is absolutely a passion of mine. However…

The last year I have been drawn more and more to documentary lifestyle photography. I love how real it is and mostly unposed. Capturing the real life moments that most people just pass over. I have been practicing my lifestyle photography with my own kids and was soo excited to join a group of 15 photographers in a creative photography group. Every Wednesday we would post a photo of our interpretation of ‘#motherhood_unfiltered’. These mamas were so inspiring! Their photography work incredible and I looked forward to seeing everyones work each week. This project lasted for 8 weeks and we loved it so much we are already in the midst of planning our next project together.

Here are my 8 self-portraits for #motherhood_unfiltered. Also check out the gallery below where I have linked the other 14 mama photographers and their incredible work!

Week 1- Falling asleep alone yet waking up everyday with a little person and an array of stuffed toys
Week 2- Morning Conversations

Week 3- The show must go on after a night out

Week 4- Making time to play

Week 5- Lego Queen

Week 6- Evening Spring Walks

Week 7- Embracing the mess

Week 8- Handprints and dents on the walls are signs of a family home

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A Newborn Session with Penelope | Jenna Marshall Photography

No two newborn sessions are the same. Some sessions the baby will not wake for a single feed where other babies are simply hungrier and will stop every 10/15 minutes. Penelope was a hungry baby who was very much happy when she was nestled into mum having a feed.

The great thing about having a full newborn session is we can be flexible with how the session runs. Usually I would only do sibling portraits at the end incase older sibling fidgets and wakes up the baby. Penelope was not in a very deep sleep when she arrived and after trying a couple of poses we wrapped her up and passed her to her incredibly cute big sister who simply adored her new baby sister!

We then managed to get Penelope asleep to get the blanket poses. This is usually the easiest part of the session as I have a workflow that means moving baby the least amount of times.

Next I move on to a prop. Penelope had woken up again at this point so we wrapped her up to keep her cosy and got a great shot of her with her eyes open. I do love getting them with their eyes open when I get the chance.

I always end the session with parent and family portraits. This family are just soo beautiful!