Black Friday Event 2019 | Jenna Marshall Photography, Hertfordshire

Black Friday Event 2019

If you have been thinking about booking either a Newborn, Cake Smash or Family Session with Jenna Marshall Photography, this is the weekend to do it! I only discount sessions once a year so this weekend is the only time to book yourself a discounted session! I have offers available on each package. Also in keeping with the Christmas Spirit, I am going to donate £5 from each booking to a Local Food Bank in time for Christmas. There are so many people who will be using food banks this christmas it is so important to help where we can! Don’t forget there are lots of places where you can also donate to the local food bank. I know my local CO-OP have a basket where you can donate items. Have a google!

T&C’s. Deposits MUST be paid between 9am on the 23rd of November and 9pm on the 26th of November for the discount to be applied to your booking! This is for NEW bookings only! Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount!

Take a look at the offers available!


Mama photographer collaboration- Motherhood Unfiltered | Jenna Marshall Photography

Jenna is a newborn baby and family portrait photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

One thing I LOVE about the photography community is that it is soo easy to become friends with other likeminded photographers. For a while now I have been taking part in a photographers group based on instagram. #motherhood_unfiltered. We completed our first project a few months ago and we completed another a month or so ago. 

For the latest project we had to post a portrait we had taken of our kids and each week we had a different colour theme. 

Week One- Green

Green is probably my favourite colour. I love the freshness of it. My new packaging is green, my logo is green, my clothes are often green and you will find a lot of green in my house. Today has been a hard one. I haven’t brushed my hair or applied make up, the kids have argued and trashed the house while I have been busy trying to do my tax return. I needed to get orders packaged and up to the post office before it closed. So I got them to help. They found it hilarious blowing my expensive dried petals around 🙈 the joys of working from home over the summer holidays!

     Left to right top:  Life with the Lundes,  Claudia Wyler,  Rachysbrood_nookandthemeadow
Bottom row left to right: Seabright photography, Kelli Johansen PhotographyJamie.L.Wissner

Week Two- Blue

Todays image was not what I had in mind, however I believe it represents motherhood so much better. Me and the kids all ended up in a HUGE row this morning. They were fighting like cat and dog and nothing I was doing was working. It spiralled so much I ended up walking away from the both and sat in my garden to have 5 minutes of air, I ended up really tearful. I hate it when they fight, I hate it even more when I can’t resolve it. They both ended up tearful after realising I was tearful. Even though I was incredibly angry with them both I told them to give me a hug. Shouting and arguing was never going to solve the issues this morning, I needed to break the cycle so we sat together, all cross with each other and had a cuddle. After a minute or two I could just feel the tension start to disappear. I then said to them “right, how are we going to fix this?” And Willow perked up and said, “let’s write what we each love about each other!” Honestly my heart melted! So we went and sat on Alex’s bed and wrote the different things we loved about each other and made a point to include something funny. This is what we were doing in this portrait. Blue is known to be a calming colour which was exactly what was needed this morning 💙

Week Three- Red

The kids were bored so we went out on their scooters today. Within ten minutes Willow started complaining her legs were sore and Alex was complaining about Willow complaining. Summer holiday fun

Week Four- Yellow

My baby girl is 5 today! I am away in Scotland to celebrate so I took this portrait with Willow last week. Introduced her to a record player. She started jumping up and down on the bed ruining the sound and vinyl 😂 she didn’t quite understand how it worked

 Week 5- Black & White

This week is Our final week so we are ditching colour and going for Black and White.
I took this image on Coldingham Bay in Scotland where I grew up. It was a little surreal watching my own kids play where I played as a child. We had such a fab time

Christina J Photography joined in for the last week <3

I am very much looking forward to the next project!

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