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Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year!!! Everything about it! From the low glow from the sun, the crisp mornings, the beautiful colours on the trees and bushes, the knitwear, warm earthy tones are everywhere to be seen. Not forgetting hot chocolate, cuddling under blankets, the fun of halloween leading up to the excitement of christmas, there is so much to look forward. It makes my heart feel warm. So of course it is my favourite time to hold family sessions outdoors!

Here is a little guide on ideas of how to dress for these sessions.

Family: Please, please do not wear matching outfits. Gone are the days of everyone wearing jeans with white t-shirts, it just does not look good. Co-ordinate your outfits rather than match them. Think of the colours that would work well together. Earthy tones for autumn always work well like reds, browns, greens, mustard, creams and greys. Compliment each others outfit. Patterns look great in these sessions as long as everyone is not all wearing the same pattern.

Stay away from neon colours and also no logos or character t-shirts!



Women: Layers look great in these kind of sessions. Think of accessories such as scarves, hats and bracelets. Make sure you shoes are practical for the location of the session but also ensure they work with the rest of your outfit. Keep make up and hair clean and natural, keep away from heavy eye make up. Knitwear can really be good for adding texture to your images. A mix of Lace and denim can look really lovely too.


Kids: Stay away from character outfits and sportswear. Knitwear, denim, midlength dresses. Again earthy tones work great. Most of all make sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing. If they feel uncomfortable it will show in their images.


Men: Men can often be less cooperative than the kids when preparing for a photo session lol. Make sure you do lots of bribing! Same rules apply as above with regards to colours and patterns. No logos or sportswear to be worn. Including baseball caps! No running trainers either. Boots, brogues or converse like trainers are acceptable 😉

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images courtesy of: Jenna Marshall Photography, pinterest, Zara.co.uk, Next.co.uk

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