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Huge Exciting Announcement!!!🌸
I am so incredibly excited to announce that I have recently joined a group of inspiring photographers from around the world who are on a mission named “Real Beautiful People”
⭐️The aim of the mission is to tell a story of beautiful men, women, children and families by donating a session to them and using their photographs and stories to inspire others through my online blog with also the chance of featuring in the groups magazine! I will be personally donating a session once every 8 weeks to a person/family with a story to tell. You can nominate others or you can nominate yourself too! There will be 4 categories.
❤️Journey- celebrating powerful journeys such as adopting a child, golden wedding anniversaries, diagnosis & recovery from an illness or accident
❤️Be The Change- to celebrate people who give to others, who spread kindness and help others
❤️Young & Free- celebrating kids that go above and beyond, who have overcome challenges (health or other circumstances), or kids who inspire
❤️Serve & Protect- this is to honour the men and women who serve our country and those who help our community. Firefighters, the police, nurses, volunteers, foster carers etc.
😍This month I am looking for nominations for the First Category- Journey. Feel free to message me with a nomination 😊
I would be so grateful if you could take the time to Share this post so that everyone has a chance to see it so we can show that beautiful people do exist and show the world is not a dark place!
🌿Also feel free to comment below, what do you think of this mission? We would love to hear

Real BP

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