Newborn session with 8 day old Matilda | Jenna Marshall Photography, Hertfordshire

Jenna Marshall is a newborn baby and family photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire offering documentary style portraits and gentle newborn poses.

In just a couple of weeks it will be the 4th anniversary of me starting out on my adventure as a newborn and family photographer. I started off running my business as a sideline to my job as a support worker for disabled teenagers/young adults. Two and a half years ago I knew it was time to hand my notice in when I was turning away photography clients as I had to go and work my night shift. So I handed my notice in and have been working as a newborn and family photographer full time.

I look back at the work from when I first started and see such a change. Not only in my work but as a person. My style has changed and will continue to evolve over time. My love of photography has grown more than I thought possible. I read a fantastic quote this morning in a photography magazine that I just adored…


Are the building blocks of our childhood memories.

Preserve our connections.

Can change our perception.

Outrank expensive art.

Expose the truth of people’s misfortune and strength.

Introduce us to generations of relatives before us.

Transport us to other worlds.

Transcend spoken language.”

As I read this quote whilst looking back on my own work I always feel more captivated by the real portraits I take, the details of babies fingers, a new mother cuddling in their baby. This year I will definitely be refining my style and leaning more to less posed work. My favourite thing to add to photographs is nature. I like to add leaves and flowers to all of my sessions. My favourite place to be is outdoors in the wild so I love this to make appearances in my indoor photography work. 

I decided to share portraits from Matilda’s session to this post as I added flowers and kept to natural poses throughout this session. It is a session I very much enjoyed as I have worked with this beautiful family before when they had their first child Henry. 

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