Newborn Girl Photoshoot Hertfordshire | Keeping it Pure and Simple

My style has changed over the 6 years I have been running my Newborn Photography business in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. When I first started out on this venture I was very much in to themed photographs including pirate outfits, knitted bumblebee hats, fox hats etc. I was also a fan of bright and deep colours.
As time has gone on I have found that I have grown as a photographer. I want my work to represent who I am as a person. I love things looking clean and simple so that your eye is drawn to the baby, not a cute outfit.

I am a massive nature lover. My Dad has referred to me as a hippy many a time. To be honest, I think he is probably right. When we connect with nature but either swimming in the sea, burying our toes in the sand and walking through woodlands, we feel so much calmer and connected to life. This is why I love using flowers and leaves in my photography set ups.

With regards to colours I like to keep things light. Whites and creams are often the base of all my sessions. I love the innocence and cleanliness of white, perfect for newborns. I do like to add colour here and there though to make the image stand out even more. I like to do this by adding a floral hair tie, leaves, coloured fabric wraps and hats. I always ask clients before a session if there are any colours they would like me to use during their session. Often they will ask for colours that match their nursery so that when they put their images on the wall they fit in with their decor.

If you would like to capture the details of your little one it is best to do so under 14days old. Please contact us to book you in 🙂

Some of my favourite images from a 2019 session

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