A Newborn Session with Penelope | Jenna Marshall Photography

No two newborn sessions are the same. Some sessions the baby will not wake for a single feed where other babies are simply hungrier and will stop every 10/15 minutes. Penelope was a hungry baby who was very much happy when she was nestled into mum having a feed.

The great thing about having a full newborn session is we can be flexible with how the session runs. Usually I would only do sibling portraits at the end incase older sibling fidgets and wakes up the baby. Penelope was not in a very deep sleep when she arrived and after trying a couple of poses we wrapped her up and passed her to her incredibly cute big sister who simply adored her new baby sister!

We then managed to get Penelope asleep to get the blanket poses. This is usually the easiest part of the session as I have a workflow that means moving baby the least amount of times.

Next I move on to a prop. Penelope had woken up again at this point so we wrapped her up to keep her cosy and got a great shot of her with her eyes open. I do love getting them with their eyes open when I get the chance.

I always end the session with parent and family portraits. This family are just soo beautiful!

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