5 Things to do in your Second Trimester- Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby Photographer Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Maternity-Photographer-Stevenage-Jenna-Marshall-PhotographySo you have passed the first trimester of pregnancy that was full of excitement, anxiety and more than likely sickness.  The good news is the sickness should now start waring off and you should start feeling more like yourself again (albeit for a short while before sickness gets replaced with constipation). You will have had your dating scan by now so you will have a set due date for little one and things start to feel real.

If this is first baby, pregnancy is probably dragging. If this is second, third or fourth baby, you are more than likely pre-occupied with your other little ones constantly needing you for something to think that much about your pregnancy. Still, the second trimester is a great time to start getting things organised. In trimester three everything will start getting harder. Even the simple task of getting up off the sofa will take planning, are you going to roll or shuffle? So best start getting things done now.

1. Get a Pregnancy Journal

I had a pregnancy journal with both of my pregnancies. The first pregnancy I filled in every single page. I had the time to then. Second time there are lots of gaps in my journal as guaranteed every time I would sit down to fill in a page I would get “Mum I need a drink”, ” Mum I need glue”, “Mum wipe my bum” (No one said motherhood was glamorous)

Still, I love looking back on both my journals, remembering how I felt, what we had been up to. It also has lovely slots to keep scan pictures safe. When my children were born I then upgraded to the Baby Journal. again filling in everything they did, their first word, etc. I even have my sons first hair clippings safely in his journal with a photograph of him getting it cut for the first time. These journals are so much more than something to do, they are something you will truly treasure. My son is now 5 and he loves me getting the journal out and reading it to him.

I got my journals from Mothercare. They also make a fantastic baby shower gift 🙂

2. Start Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Yep, it is time. First pregnancy I found this quite exciting, again it made it more real that my tummy was growing and I really was on the journey to being a mum. Second time you find yourself squeezing in to your skinny jeans as long as you possible can. I remember one day at work, I had gone to the toilet and just could not do my zip back up, so used a hair tie to loop around the button, wore a long top, kept me in those jeans for another couple of weeks 😉

No matter how hard you do try to avoid it, the day will come when your tummy is just too big and you need to get yourself some Maternity Clothes. I found ASOS, Topshop and Seraphine were the best. They had a great selection of styles that flattered my new figure. Embrace your pregnancy bump as it grows, part of you will miss it when it’s gone (Also people won’t offer you seats on the train anymore)

Topshop Maternity

Topshop Maternity

ASOS Maternity

ASOS Maternity

3. Start Moisturising your Bump

Your baby is growing so fast and therefore your tummy will also be growing. There is an awkward in-between moment where you feel that you just look fat rather than pregnant, but that will be pass quickly and you will soon have a lovely bump to show off. A side effect of a growing bump can be itchy skin. I suffered with this terribly. My tummy was covered in scratch marks. I started using Body Shops Strawberry Body Butter which I found helped soothe my skin. Also it smelt delicious and would perk up my mood. I’m a true believer in aromatherapy. There are different products out there that can help with itchy skin and also to help prevent stretch marks. Here are a few:

Bodyshop Body Butter

Bodyshop Body Butter

Bio Oil

Bio Oil

Pregnacare Cream

Pregnacare Cream

4. Plan a Baby Moon

This is so important. If this is first baby this could be your last chance to really enjoy your time alone together as a couple before this tiny little bundle changes your lives forever. You could plan a week away abroad or just a lovely weekend. Holidays and weekends away do become harder when there is a baby in the picture. This trimester is the best for it as you will not be too big to really enjoy it. My first pregnancy we went to Cuba during my first trimester which was horrific! I suffered terrible sickness and suffered food poisoning. I ended up on an IV drip in my home room. During my second trimester we had a lovely weekend away in Scotland which I thoroughly enjoyed. Please think about where you are going as some countries are best to avoid during pregnancy. We had a lovely holiday booked to Dominican Republic that we had to change as I could not take the Malaria Tablets due to being pregnant.

If you have other children, this is also a great opportunity to give them some of your attention before the new addition arrives. During my second pregnancy we went to Disneyland Paris for a few days which my son absolutely loved. He had our full attention and we had so much fun together. I was also in my second trimester so found I wasn’t too tired to enjoy it myself. My bump was small enough to hide to have a go on some of the rides. “Not Recommended for Expectant Mums” on the peter pan ride?!?! Really? Baggy top, and holding Alex got me on that ride 😉 Anyway. The point is make some time for yourselves and for your other children.

5. Book your Maternity and Newborn Session

It is best to book a Maternity Session during the second trimester. Personally I like to shoot Maternity Sessions between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant. By these weeks you usually have a lovely obvious bump. To book a Newborn Session with myself please click here to go to the contact page. *Please note: I currently have a 6 week wait for Maternity Sessions. For more information on my maternity sessions please take a look at the Maternity Gallery.

Also this is the best time to book your Newborn Photographer. Photographers take bookings at different times. Some choose to wait until after you have had your 20 week scan some after your 12 week scan. I now take bookings from 12 weeks pregnant and believe it or not I can get booked up to 6 months in advance of baby coming. I only take a certain amount of bookings for newborns per month so if you are thinking of booking please do not leave it to late. Due to being so busy I can not take bookings for babies who have already been born. Those who book with myself also get a lovely lift goodie bag of samples that includes pregnacare cream, gin gin sweets, baby wipes and other things. To help get you through pregnancy smoothly 🙂 To book with myself please click here for the contact page. For more information on my Newborn Sessions, please take a look at the Newborn Gallery.

To find a BANPAS registered photographer near you please take a look at the BANPAS website.

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