5 Must Haves to Survive your first month as a parent!

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The time has arrived! Little one is here and you are beginning your new journey as a parent. Whilst being the most incredible and life changing thing that could happen to you, it is unbelievably hard work, which I’m sure you have found out by now! Not only is the lack of sleep a huge shock to your system but there is so much to do and new routines to create as your new roll as mum/dad. This gorgeous little bundle needs every ounce of your care and attention which is extremely draining. So to help, I did a poll on social media to see what helped new parents get through the first few weeks. Here were the results:

Muslins! Lots of them!!!

So many mums put muslins as their must have item and I whole heartedly agree! Both my children suffered with reflux terribly when they were little. I went through about 20 muslins a day! So when buying these, don’t just go for a pack of 5, honestly it won’t be enough! You need at least 10. They get ruined and lost so easy. The best muslins I purchased were from John Lewis, they washed brilliantly, kept their shape and stayed in really good condition much longer than the cheaper ones I had purchase from places like Tesco.

Cuppa a brew will see you through- Jenna Marshall Photography hertfordshire

Tea & Coffee

Tea & Coffee are things you really to stock up on! You are going to be fatigued! I don’t know if fatigued is a strong enough word to describe the feeling. Maybe completely worn out, exhausted, debilitated by sleep deprivation, shattered etc are better ways to explain the feeling of having a newborn ( the little terrors are so worth it though 😉 ). However, you are going to need a caffeine kick. I also find sitting with a hot drink whilst you are feeding or while little one is having a nap is quite relaxing. You will no longer take a nice cuppa in peace and quiet for granted!

You will also have lots of visitors who will more than likely be expecting a cuppa so make sure you are stocked up, keep the best stuff for yourselves though, you deserve it!

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Ewan The Dream Sheep

I personally never used this product. I’m not sure it was very well known when my oldest was a newborn, however, my clients have raved about Ewan the Dream Sheep and lots of them have bought them to their newborn sessions. (This is not necessary as I use my own sounds during the sessions but mums usually have the sheep attached to the car seat 🙂 )

” Ewan the Dream Sheep emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep”. Sounds good doesn’t it. You may find it worth a try.

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara close up Jenna Marshall

Results from 3D Fibre Lash Mascara


I felt a mess 99% of the time after having my babies. Putting on a bit of foundation and mascara used to make me feel so much more presentable, especially when you have visitors all day, every day for weeks. I often didn’t have time to mess about glamming myself up so quick and easy good make up is first choice with a newborn. My personal choice is the amazing Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara! It is very quick and easy to put on and can increase your lashes by 400%. Sometimes I skipped the fibres and just use the transplanting gel as mascara on it’s own, even this on it’s own worked better than any Benefit mascara I ever owned. To purchase click here MAGIC MASCARA

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

Younique Mineral Touch Powder Jenna MArshall Photography

My favourite foundation is again a Younique product. As you can see from the image above, the coverage you get from this powder is unbelievable! Definitely a must have to cover those dark circles. Available in 10 different tones/shades. To purchase click here MAGIC POWDER FOUNDATION

To check out more of Younique products, please click here to join my Facebook group 🙂 Diary of a Lashes and Lenses Gal

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A good support system!

In those first few weeks of parenthood everything changes. I couldn’t have coped without the support and advice from my mum. I read so many baby books that I drove myself crazy with getting everything right. When following those books didn’t get my son to sleep at 3am I turned to my mum who was always there to give advice or even just to hold my son while I had a cup of tea or a quick nap. They know what we are going through, and even though they drive us crazy at times (yeah I know you’re reading this mum 😉 lol), they really are just trying to help. After all, you wouldn’t have grown in to the fantastic caring mother you are now without their guidance our whole lives. Even when you are struggling and feeling desperate, please remember every mother has been through it. Even if we make ourselves look perfect on Facebook, it’ not real. I’m going to end this blog post with a fab quote I saw yesterday that sums it up 🙂

“Don’t compare yourself to others mothers. We are all losing our shit. Some just hide it better than others”

Would love to see your comments on any other must haves and your thoughts on this blog below 🙂 x x x

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