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I have been running my newborn baby and family photography business in Hertfordshire for just over 4 years now. I knew from the very beginning that Newborns were the subject I wanted to specialise in. I find all the best photographers specialise in something. I have a lot of photographer friends and the majority of them specialise in different areas, whether it be newborns, weddings, lifestyle, editorial etc. Here are my reasons for choosing newborns.






1. Newborn Cuddles! (Obviously!)

This was always going to be the top reason wasn’t it! Who doesn’t love the smell of a newborn and the softness of their skin. The little noises they make in their sleep and while they are feeding. Not forgetting the adorable facial expressions they pull. 

2. Getting to know Families

Newborn Sessions are sometimes very intimate. We often talk ALOT. About birth, coping with a new baby, other children etc. I get to know most of my clients really well and have been luckily enough to become very very good friends with some of them. If I have clicked with someone I do often add them to my Facebook or Instagram so that I can keep in touch and watch their little ones grow <3 I especially love it when families return for second sessions, either with a new baby or to celebrate their little ones first birthday. Today I photographed little Erin who I photographed as a newborn and today to celebrate her first birthday. It was so lovely to see her again! It is her families Fourth session with me and I absolutely love that I get to watch these little people grow.

3. The Baby Smiles

Every now and again newborns will smirk just at the right time and I will capture it. They are always my favourite images in a gallery! They are rare but so gorgeous!

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