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Every now and again I get in a creativity rut. My speciality is newborn photography. However where I shoot newborns 80% of the time the sessions can sometimes feel a little repetitive. When I feel this I will often try a new pose or use a new prop to change things up a bit. I LOVE photographing newborns but I also love photographing kids. Lifestyle photography is a secret love of mine that I wish I could do more of. Here are some of my go to tips on getting inspiration.

  1. Nature
If you know me you will know I am a hippy at heart. I love everything about the outdoors, how fresh it feels, the smell, the sounds. I love bringing nature into my photography. Whether it will be using my favourite fern or ivy leaves for my studio session or photographing a family in a location I find beautiful. Kids love being outdoors and I often find they are much happier playing in the great wide open while having their photos taken. I often take my kids for walks and ask them to find specific flowers, leaves, shells and animal tracks. It is great fun for them, it is calming for me and I can capture natural portraits of my kids exploring their world.
2. Books and Magazines
I am a bookworm! I just love to read. Curled up in a blanket with a good book and a hot drink is a relaxing escape for me. I get immersed in other worlds and my imagination comes to life. I often find quotes from books that resonate with me and my own life so I write them down and try to find a way to photograph them. My favourite magazine is called Bella Grace. It is a magazine that is released every 3 months and is about the little pleasures in life. The quote on the magazine is ” We believe: an ordinary life can be extraordinary; there is beauty in IMPERFECTION, and that magic can be found in the everyday.” It is full of beautiful heartfelt articles and writing prompts. I highly recommend checking it out! 3. Unraveled Academy

A couple of months ago I signed up to Unraveled Academy. It is an online school for all those with a love of photography. It is so so inspiring! It is full of courses that cover all aspects of photography. Different techniques such as freelancing and double exposures. Posing newborns, family, intimate portraiture etc. There are editing videos from some really incredible photographers! You have unlimited access to it all! I have just completed a course called ‘The Lifestyle Artist’ and it has really inspired me to take some portraits of my own kids in my own home and how to make the most of my surroundings and light available. 

I highly recommend this school to everyone! At the moment there is a promotion available until tomorrow! This is the promotion:

Sign up for the year ($150) in the Unraveled Academy and you will receive a FREE Silent Seat in the next Becoming Unraveled Workshop (a three-week intensive, creative workshop that will begin in April, $200 in value) AND get a FREE pack of the Unraveled Presets ($65 in value). $415 worth of product for only $150!


Each new sign-up will be entered in a raffle to win a brand new Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Lens! For every PHOTOGRAPHER friend you tag in the comments of Unraveled Academy’s ORIGINAL post (both Facebook and Instagram), you will receive another entry to win the free lens. You MUST enroll for the year in the academy AND tag photographer friends to be eligible to win the lens! Then, on February 15th, we will select ONE lucky artist to be the new owner of this lens! So here are the steps again:

  1. Sign up for the year as a Student at Unraveled Academy for $150
  2. Claim your FREE workshop seat ($200 in value)
  3. Claim your FREE presets ($65 in value)
  4. Be entered to win a brand new Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Lens ($900 in value!)
  5. To win the lens, you must tag a photographer friend in the comments of Unraveled Academy’s original posts (Facebook, IG or both for extra entries)! Each additional photographer friend that you tag will be one extra entry for you to WIN (NO LIMITS on that number hint hint)!

It really is worth every penny. For every person that signs up the school also give me a thank you 🙂 So you would also be helping me out while being inspired! If you do not want to commit to the year, after the promotion has finished you can subscribe monthly for only $15 a month!

Click here if you just HAVE to check it out!

Here is some work from the incredible artists involved and also an example of portraits I took of my daughter after the Lifestyle course.

To see what inspires my lovely friend Emily who is a Children and family photographer in Preston, Lancashire, please CLICK HERE to view her latest blog.

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