12 Day old Baby Boy Sneak Peek | Jenna Marshall Baby Photography Hertfordshire


Today me and Jenni had this gorgeous baby boy in my home studio for his newborn photography session. Mummy & Daddy travelled from Welwyn Garden City. Little man was fast asleep when he arrived and was very easy to start with. Then he woke up… lol! He became very fidgety. He was so unsettled that mum and dad took him for a little drive in the car to get him back off to sleep. It was just enough to finish off the session.

People often assume that baby will sleep through the whole session but this is rarely the case. We have our tricks to settle baby which work 90% of the time. If baby is too unsettled, there have been a handful of times where we have redone the session on another day in the home baby will be settled the second time. This is of course at no extra charge.

Luckily it didn’t come to that today and we managed to get a full gallery. It was so lovely getting to know todays parents, we had such a laugh which was so nice. Hope they like their sneak peeks x x x

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