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DSC_4016Everyone nowadays has equipment available to constantly be taking snapshots of their kids. Smart phones have reasonably high resolution cameras that are available in your pocket at all times. Even digital cameras can be bought at reasonable prices and with different ready-to-use settings to take some snapshots of your family. However, when you look at you iPhone images and compare them to a professional photographer family portrait, they don’t even compare! There is so much more to good photography than just having a camera.

All photographers are different, we all have our own style and aim with our images. My aim is to capture a story, documenting a family walk, playing with the kids, cuddling, being a family! This way my client has beautiful images of them during a family activity to bring back these fun memories for years. I want them to be able to say, “Do you remember when you were little and we used to go strawberry picking in the summer, we had a photographer with us that time, look she caught you sneakily eating a strawberry! I love that image of you, you have always been so cheeky!”

My biggest pet peeve is seeing ‘family portraits’ taken by a ‘professional’ photographer, getting all the family in front of a white screen, sitting them all together and taking a snap. There is no emotion to these kind of images, they don’t capture your family being a family. They don’t tell a story and show the love you have between you all. They simply capture the way you all look at that point in time, and that is all.

If you are reading this thinking, yes actually, I would love some family portraits then take a look at my new family packages for 2016! The top package even includes hair and make up for mum so you look your best which in turn will make you feel more confident during your session making it easier for smiley pictures 😉

Family sessions take place in either woodlands for some outdoorsy images…

NEW for 2016!!! I can come to your home and capture lifestyle images of you and your family being a family, being silly jumping on a bed, reading a story 🙂

Packages available for 2016


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