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I am sure all of you have seen newborn photographers advertising on Facebook and other social media sites for Free ‘Model Session’. There are usually only a handful of reasons as to why a photographer is offering to hold a newborn session for Free. Newborn Sessions are hard work and photographers don’t give them away if there would be no gain for them in some shape or form and can you really blame them?

I have offered model sessions 3 maybe 4 times since I started my business two years ago. The first time was simply to practice and build up a bit of a portfolio to advertise my services. I look back at these images and realise how far I have come with my skill since!

The top image I took during a model session back in 2013, the bottom image is the same pose two years later. Both taken by Jenna Marshall

The top image was taken during a model session back in 2013, the bottom image is the same pose two years later. Both taken by Jenna Marshall


Another reason photographers offer model sessions is because work is quiet and they want to keep their website busy. We often hope that we will get bookings after friends/family see images from the model session. I have been very lucky and only once in two years have I advertised a model session for this reason.

The main reason busy photographers advertise model sessions is to try something new or to teach other photographers. I have done this a couple of times when I have wanted to try out a new pose, prop or editing technique. There is no pressure with a model session as the clients are not paying you for your time. It gives the opportunity to try things without the worry that if it doesn’t go quite right you still have a gallery to fill! I know some of my photographer friends love a model session so they can use their creativity a little more 🙂 The last model session I did was back in October 2015 and it was for this reason. I wanted to try some more relaxed and natural poses but I wanted to work out where my lighting needed to be to get the images looking the way I wanted them to. I had the gorgeous little Lucy model for this. She was such a star! Here are some of the images from this session x x xDSC_0028-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0035-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0051-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0077-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0102-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0127-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0189-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0206-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0258words-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0283-newborn-baby-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography

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