Three.Sixty.Five Personal Project | Week One


Three.Sixty.Five Personal Project | Week One

As a photographer mum I always find I am so busy photographing other peoples children I often forget to photograph my own. Of course I have thousands on iPhone pictures I have taken of them but it isn’t the same as getting my ‘big’ camera out and really capturing beautiful images of my children. So I joined a group of photographer mums around the world and we will all photograph our children every day for one year! It is quite an undertaking as I am sure there will be times that life simply gets in the way. But fingers crossed I can keep on top of it. Here is week one 🙂

Day 1 | 365- Foggy Walk to School

DSC_8192-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_8234-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_8253-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_8260-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall

Day 2 | 365- Relaxing at home

DSC_8287-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_8305--family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall

Day 3 | 365- Artificial Light


Day 4 | 365- Sibling Cuddles


Day 5 | 365- Costa trip with Willow


Day 6 | 365- Sink bath with my princess Willow (I couldn’t choose a favourite)

DSC_9153-child-photography-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9169-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9151-child-photographer-stevenage-herfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9176-sink-bath-photography-jenna-marshall DSC_9179-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall DSC_9190-jenna-marshall-photography-princess DSC_9191-lifestyle-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9195-lifestyle-photography-jenna-marshall-phoography DSC_9208-child-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9223-child-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_9231-child-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_9236-hertfordshire-photographer-jenna-marshall-photography

Day 7 | 365- Ballet class and homework

DSC_9243-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall DSC_9251-family-photographer-stevenage-jenna-marshall

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