Summer has come to an end… | Jenna Marshall Photography, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

“August is like the Sunday of our Summer”


The Summer has now come to an end and life has returned to what it was before. The morning rush to get the kids washed, fed, dressed and off to school before setting up for my newborn sessions I have actually welcomed back in to my life with an ounce of relief. While the slowness of the Summer mornings were pleasurable and the unplanned possibilities of the day were exciting, I am overjoyed to get back in to a routine. I love the fresh morning walk to the kids school and I love the quietness in the house while I am sat typing or editing away with my tea brewing next to my iMac screen. Of course I miss hearing my children play in the background while I’m working but I find I no longer feel guilt now that they are back to school. I no longer feel I am ignoring them so that I can get my work done. I can finally focus again. 

We had so many highlights this summer. My favourite moments were when we were away in Scotland where I grew up. Seeing family and old friends, throwing stones into the river I played in as a child, splashing about in the waves on the beach I built castles on myself many years ago. It was my daughter Willows 5th birthday while we were away. She had such an amazing day, walked along cliffs to see the lighthouse, bowling, playing on the 2p machines in the arcade, a quiet pub lunch followed by the beach and ending at my Uncles with all the family. As I am writing this I have come across with such an incredible feeling of gratitude. I am so lucky in so many ways and I hope these photographs help to remind my children as they grow how they too were incredibly lucky.

st abbs head coldingham bay

If you are interested in visiting the beautiful area where I grew up in Scotland click this link and type in Templehall Cottage Coldingham. It was perfect! <3

Also checkout the beautifully written post by my lovely friend Julie who is a children’s and family photographer in Loughborough, Leicestershire “Why every parent posts a photo of their child’s first dat of school”



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