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We are having the most beautiful weather so far this summer! I have all my fingers crossed that it is here to stay for all of my outdoor family photoshoots. My busy summer period starts next week. I still have a handful of outdoor spaces available. To view packages just CLICK HERE

I have put together some tips on how to dress for sessions and where are the best places this year to purchase outfits 🙂
Please also take a look at my Instagram and Facebook pages to see what other people wore to their sessions. The mum in the portrait I took at the top of this post absolutely nailed the styling!
  • Top 5 Tips
  1. Please do not come to your session wearing matching outfits. If you are choosing white and blue as your colour scheme, please do not all wear blue jeans and white tops. An option Mum can wear a white dress, while Dad wears a blue shirt, your daughter can wear a dress in a slightly different blue shade and your son can wear a mix of white and blue. This family perfectly demonstrate how to use the white and blue colour scheme. It is much more timeless and stops the image from looking outdated.

2. Mum should choose her outfit first, one she feels confident in and then style the rest of the family around this outfit. There is usually a 5/10minute walk to the locations so you may want to wear different shoes for the walk depending on what you have styled your outfit with. Bare foot always looks cute and natural for a session too.

3. Things to stay away from:
If you want light and airy images it is best to steer clear of dark colours. Pastels are my favourites. Pinks, blues, mint, yellows and whites all work beautifully for a summer session.
Big logos, sports and character themed clothing is a no.
Unless you are happy for kids temporary tattoos to appear in your images it is probably best to no let them apply them before a session and remove them if they have.

4. Remember the session should be fun for your child to ensure they wear something they can move around and explore in.

5. I will usually bring a neutral blanket along with me but if you have a blanket that compliments the outfits you have chosen then feel free to bring that along.

I took the time to have a browse a few online shops to find you the best dresses for outdoor sessions 🙂
This column are H&M dresses
These are at the lower end of the price range
This column are Zara Dresses
These dresses are mid price range
This column are Free People dresses
These dresses are higher price range
Style Idea 1
Woman’s dress, girls dress, boys outfit- Zara, Mans outfit- H&M
Style Idea 2
Woman’s Dress- Free People. Girls Dress- Zara, Boy and Dads outfit- H&M

I hope this post has helped somewhat with how to dress for your session. If you have any questions or need help choosing please feel free to message me.
If you are yet to book in but are hoping for an outdoor session this year please contact me at

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