Not all images make it to the final gallery… | Jenna Marshall Photography

During a typical newborn or family photography session I take between 100-300 photographs. I narrow the majority of galleries down to around 30 portraits. I choose my favourite 30 enhance before loading to a gallery. There are different reasons for images being cut from a final gallery. Sometimes the focus is too soft on the eyes, sometimes the angle was not quite right or maybe there is a better version of the pose in the set already. 

Every now and again when culling through a sessions images a photograph will just stop me and make me laugh. As a newborn photographer there are often some pretty gross images to make me chuckle. I often save them anyhow. Here are a few images that didn’t make the final galleries over the past few months.


The Bored Big Brother


The Assistants Hands (settling baby in-between shots)


The Big Milk Sneeze


The Bored Photographers Daughter


The Traumatised Sibling


The Golden Shower (look to mums elbow)
 If you have enjoyed seeing a few of my outtakes comment below to let me know and I may do a regular outtakes blog post. Also take a look at the blog of the incredible Emily Frances Photography who is a Child & family photographer in Preston, Lancashire. I have loved seeing the in-between moments of her sessions. EMILY FRANCES BLOG POST

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