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My Tricks to a Successful Twin Newborn Session

I have been one lucky photographer the past year and have had the opportunity to photograph my fair share of newborn twin sessions! While the task is quite daunting, the fear is outweighed by the excitement! Having a twin session is always going to be harder than a single newborn session, (obviously, there are two babies to soothe!). However they can still go smoothly, every session I have learned more tricks to make the session successful! Images from the gorgeous twin boy session of Ever & Rain <3

1.Ensure parents follow your preparation instructions!!!

This seems a no brainer, but just keep bringing it up, keep reminding that they must follow your instructions for the session to get off to a good start. You want sleepy babies with full tummies!

DSC_1176twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography2. Prepare for the Session!

The majority of newborn twins are born before their due date, some quite early and some very small. I have found holding the session around the babies original due dates or around 6lb’s have worked well for me. Make sure the room is warm and noisy so that the babies feel warm and secure. Plan ahead the poses you are going to do and in which order. You will feel less nervous if you feel prepared.

3. Have an extra pair of hands 

I always have an assistant during any newborn session. I have found for safety and for customer experience this is an important thing to think about. Even more so with a twin session. Many of the mums with twins have had c-sections so are unable to assist during a session so if you do not usually have an assistant for sessions I suggest arranging someone to assist with your twin sessions. My assistants know my workflow and which pose I am going to be doing one after the other so are able to help with smooth transitions with baby.

4. Poses

I always start my newborn sessions the same way, I start with the same pose every time and this applies to twin sessions. Usually I will pose the more settled baby first and will take some images of them on their own, then I add baby 2 to the pose and take some images, then will take baby 1 away and take images of baby 2 on their own. This creates a smooth workflow. If one baby is feeding I often use this time to photography some single poses of the other twin, making sure I am using my time wisely. DSC_0989My-Tricks-to-a-Successful-Twin-Newborn-Session DSC_1021-twins-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1027My-Tricks-to-a-Successful-Twin-Newborn-Session


5. Enjoy!

It’s not every day we get to photograph twins so use the opportunity to be creative and enjoy creating beautiful portraits of these little miracles.

DSC_0953-twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_0940-twins-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1045twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1054bwtwin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1024twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography Diptych-twins-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1170-twins-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1123-twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1195-twins-newborn-photographer-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1200bwtwin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_1215-twin-newborn-photography-stevenage-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography




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