My First Blog Post- Jenna Marshall Photography, Newborn Baby Photographer Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Newborn Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time now. I love the idea of capturing such a huge stage in a persons life. Becoming a parent is such a life-changing experience. Everything changes in an instance and you become a new person. Suddenly this tiny little person you created becomes the centre of your world, and you theirs.

I have been lucky to experience this twice. First when I had my son in September 2009 and again with my daughter in August 2013. After having my daughter I took maternity leave from my job as a school support worker in a special needs school. During this time my obsession with newborn photography grew. I started practicing on my daughter and newborns of friends and family.

These two images are some of my first. My daughter Willow with my son Alex.

Stevenage-Newborn-Baby-Photographer-Jenna-Marshall-Photography Stevenage-Newborn-Baby-Photographer-Jenna-Marshall-Photography-1


I decided quickly that this was my calling. I started advertising for newborn models so I could practice. After photographing quite a few newborns and having consistent good feedback I started charging and my business grew from there.

Stevenage-Newborn-Baby-Photographer-Jenna-Marshall-Photography-2 Stevenage-Newborn-Baby-Photographer-Jenna-Marshall-Photography-3 Stevenage-Newborn-Baby-Photographer-Jenna-Marshall-Photography-4


Although parents were happy with their images, I always felt I could do better. In December 2014 I saw Newborn Baby Posing ltd ( advertising Jillian Greenhill’s Newborn Photography Workshop. There was one space left so I booked it. I felt it was what I needed to improve my images and run a better business. Leading up to the workshop I felt very nervous. When I arrived on the day I immediately felt welcome (although still very nervous!) I was worried I was in over my head. I had no need to worry. Jill was ever so good at explaining everything clearly and when anyone was struggling with anything the other photographers taking part all helped each other out. It was such an amazing day.

Jill taught us sooo much. We covered:

  • parent preparation
  • styling and setting up the session
  • camera techniques
  • lighting
  • soothing baby
  • posing baby safely
  • marketing
  • editing

I learnt so much more than I though I would ever be able to learn in one day. Since the course a couple of weeks back I have photographed 3 babies. I really feel that since the workshop that my photography has gone up a new and exciting level. I couldn’t recommend Jill as a mentor more highly. Even though the course is over she is still there for all of us if ever we have queries or need advice.

Not only did I learn a lot that day, I met some wonderfully talented people. We have all kept in contact (pretty much every day) and support each other wherever we can.

It is a very exciting time here at Jenna Marshall Photography 🙂

Below are the images I took during the workshop. Posed by Jill, taken and enhanced by myself.

second-edit-(1-of-1)-copy sixth-edit-(1-of-1)-copy-3 third-edit-(1-of-1)-copy web1ed3-copy-2 ninth-edit-(1-of-1)-copy eighth-edit-(1-of-1)-copy-2 fifth-edit-(1-of-1)-copy fourth-edit-(1-of-1)-copy DSC_0036-2-copy


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