Before/After editing with Jenna Marshall Photography |Stevenage, Hertfordshire


I was very lucky to have this little lad here in my home studio in Stevenage for his newborn photography session this morning. He was so good, he did not need a single feed during the session, just the odd cuddle to settle him. I am so thankful to Jenni & Hannah who assisted me on todays session. I recently had surgery so the extra help has been so appreciated.

Sneak Peek of Editing

The main point is to get as much right in camera as possible, try to get lighting right and composition. It will save lots of time on editing!

Little man had very dry skin on his face and was quite red. To correct this I use the patch tool on Adobe photoshop to copy healthy skin close to the dry skin. I then counter the redness by adding a light yellow over his skin. I then finish by smoothing out the skin using portraiture. Creating a creamy, smooth looking skin.

I then use levels on photoshop to brighten the image before using curves on photoshop to create some contrast. Everyone has their own way of doing things, this is just the way I do it 🙂


A couple more sneak peek for todays parents. Mummy specifically asked for an image that included special details such as birth weight, date of birth, time of birth and height. I hope they like it xxx

DSC_1830-baby-photographer-stotfold-jenna-marshall DSC_1818-newborn-photographer-stotfold-jenna-marshall-photography


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