Balancing Act | Newborn Session with Krish | Jenna Marshall Photography Stevenage Photographer

It has been quite a few months since I blogged one of my newborn photography sessions. My summer has been so busy with holidays, day trips and of course newborn and family photography sessions that I have had to put writing to the side for a while. I sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all. Trying to give my children my attention while also maintain my business is a hard act to balance. It is much easier to manage it all when my kids are at school.  I know many parents struggle with finding the balance between work and home life, remember you are not alone!

Are you ever envious of other parents you see on social media who appear to be nailing life? They look well dressed, make up is flawless, getting home from work and having the energy to make slime or bake with their also well dressed kids in their perfectly clean house.  Please remember this is just an illusion. Behind the scenes they are struggling too. It’s just that people do not post about it. I for one feel like I am drowning trying to keep my house clean! Trying to keep on top of my editing and business tasks is another challenge I usually fall short on. I am one of those people who wear a pretty dress on the school run but when I get home I immediately change into a comfy band t-shirt and pyjama bottoms. Because why on earth would you choose to be dressed during the day if you do not have to lol. Anyhow, I went on a rant there. Please remember to not compare your life to anyone else on social media. You are doing your best and that will always be good enough. Ever want a rant about it, let me know. I do love a rant.

Images featured are from a newborn session with the very Handsome Krish and his parents. How amazing is his hair?! Daddy is a Leicester City fan so of course we had to of course involved this in the session. Can’t wait to see this little dude at his next session <3 *Remember to book in your newborn session whilst still pregnant*

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