A Mothers Dream weeks 5-7- Child Photographer Stevenage Hertfordshire

A Mother Dream


A Mothers Dream is a group of mummies who are also photographers, I myself am a mum of two. I have a 5 year old son called Alex and a 1 year old daughter called Willow. We all have very busy lives, most of us are not just working as photographers but have secDSC_3406ed baby photographer stevenage hertfordshire jenna marshall photographyond jobs also, this all interferes with family life. So we have set ourselves a challenge. Each week we must set aside one day to do spend some special time with our children
. We have filled jars with different activities and tasks to do with them. Each week we let our children pick one of the activities out of the jar and that will be what we will undertake on our special day. We photograph what we have been up to and then link to each others blogs to see what everyone else has been up to. They are so much fun to read and full of great ideas if you are ever stuck with ideas of what to do with your own children.

This Month

Well this has been a very busy month. I have photographed lots of babies, been to a lot of my sons football matches, started getting the garden ready for the summer and decided to go on a little family break to Braunton in Devon to spend some much needed time together as a family. Here is a little insight in to what we got up to 🙂

Week 5- Feeding the Ducks

This week me and the kids went to Fairlands Valley Park. It was a little grey but still warm enough to enjoy a nice outdoors walk. The kids had fun feeding the ducks and the geese. That was until my daughter got pecked by a geese and was then terrified to go near them after that. We had a lovely walk round the lake then finished up with some time in the park.

Week 6- Playing Car Wash

This is such a great game to play with young children! It was a lovely hot day so we got out Alex’s old Tiny Tikes car, a big bowl and a jug filled with soapy water, some sponges and cloths and I told the kids that we were playing car wash. So not only did I get them to do a chore for me, they absolutely loved it! Splashing around, getting wet, they had such a giggle. I think they ended up being washed rather than the car. Such an easy activity to do and it doesn’t cost a penny. You can obviously do this with other items too. Toys, saucepans, anything safe for children to hold.


Week 7- Day out in Ilfracombe

Whilst on holiday in Devon we went on a little morning trip to Ilfracombe. It is a gorgeous little town in Devon right on the coast. We had a walk around the Ilfracombe Aquarium which the kids loved. Alex loved seeing all the different animals and learning about them, he was also given a little quiz to do as we walked around. Willow just loved running around shouting Fish at everything she saw.

We then just had a little stroll around the harbour and I found my dream shop, Roly’s Fudge!! It was so great, so many options of fudge. So I of course treat myself to £10’a worth of fudge. Well worth every penny! They even have an online shop, I strongly recommend you do by clicking here.

Please click here to take a look at what     got up to this month x x x

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