A Mothers Dream- Water fun


*A Mothers Dream is a group of mummy photographers who want to capture every day portraits of their own little ones each month. We then link to each others blogs so you can see what everyone has been up to and get inspiration for your own little ones*

This month I am blogging an afternoon we spent at a local spring. It is hidden away in a lovely little village in Hertfordshire. You wouldn’t be able to tell looking at the images that the springs were full of people. Knowing angles and being patience really helped to capture these images. I visited the springs with my two child, Alex(7), Willow (3) and my brother with his 3 girls. They had so much fun splashing in the shallow water.

To book a wild water session for your own family please follow this link… BOOK NOW!!!DSC_4879-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall


My world Alex & Willow

DSC_4802child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4819-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4821child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4835-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photographyDSC_4798-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4960-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4964-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4980-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4950-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_4930-child-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography

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