A Mothers Dream- Easter holidays with my little ones


It has been a while since I have taken part in the “A Mothers Dream” blog circle. Basically every month we all write a blog about time we have spent with our children along with beautiful images of them. As busy photographer mums we quite often forget to capture our own little ones. At the bottom of each blog we link to someone else in the group so you can see what we have all been up to this month 🙂

This month I have included portraits of my kids I took over the Easter Holidays. We got up to soo much. Mostly outdoors. Our favourite place to be! I love being in nature, I find it soothing. After the year we have had I need all the soothing I can get. I love teaching my kids that just being outdoors can be fun, without toys, DVD’s or computer games.

Firstly we spent a day at a Jurassic Kingdom event. My kids are obsessed with dinosaurs and fully enjoyed the mechanical dinosaurs roaring and moving.


Alex & Willow with their new dinosaur toys


Taking a selfie on Alex’s camera


Willow & Daddy- cherry blossom petals fell at just the right time

Another day I spent some time in the woods with my little ones. We built a den, had a picnic and lay on a blanket looking at the shapes of clouds. So many beautiful memories from this day. I even let the kids use my ‘big camera’ to take some portraits of me with them. I am soo impressed with how well they did!


My 7 year old Alex took this of me and my daughter. His composition is rather good and he got us in focus!!



Alex & Willow- my world <3


Considering Willow is only 3 years old the fact she got this image in focus is incredible! She was a little upset she didn’t get our heads in the image but I love the way this image makes me feel <3

DSC_2633-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photogaphyDSC_2660-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photogaphy DSC_2600-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photogaphy DSC_2567-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_2534-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography DSC_2494-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photogaphy DSC_2670-family-photographer-hertfordshire-jenna-marshall-photography

Link to Sarah from Whispering Willow to see what she has been up to with her boys 🙂 https://amothersdreamblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/a-life-of-biking/

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